Welcome to the UCSF ES Cell Targeting Core


The UCSF ES Cell Targeting Core provides high-quality ES cell services with a high probability of germline transmission. The core offers ES cell targeting, genomic DNA extraction from 96-well plates, expansion of targeted ES cells, chromosome counts, and preparation of ES cells for microinjection, to all UCSF investigators as well as external investigators.

Prior to initiation of a project, consultation is available from the director on the entire procedures of generating knockout mice. This meeting will outline specifics of the project including knockout strategy, KO construct design, screening assays, and other issues relevant to microinjection and chimera breeding.

We work with the Gladstone Transgenic Gene Targeting Core for your microinjections to deliver a full-range gene targeting service. On the day of injection, we prepare cells and deliver them to Gladstone.


As of March 1st, we are moving to MyCORES for ordering and billing. We will no longer accept service requests by email.


Scheduling and Requests

Investigators request services by submitting a Service Requisition Form (uploaded to MyCORES). Services will be performed in the order that requests are received. Please provide all the information that is required. Until all the information is submitted, your project will not be scheduled on our calendar.

Contact us: 
Genentech Hall N214
600 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94158
Campus mailbox: 2202
Phone: 415-502-3387
Email: [email protected]

For more information on core facilities at UCSF, please visit the Research Resource Program (RRP), or to find instruments or services at UCSF, visit the new Cores Search.

Note: Please help us to secure future funding resources. All publications describing research carried out at the core should acknowledge the core as “Technical support from the UCSF ES Cell Targeting Core".