Services and Rates

Please note: Rates are subject to change at any time. Listed are UC and affiliate rates.

Consultation - $103.55/hour

If you need help with experimental design, we can provide a consultaton service. Please request a 1-hour consultation through MyCORES in order to schedule your consultation. If the consultation leads to a project with the Core, the consultation fee will be waived.

CRISPR gRNA cloning - $1463.45

Tell us where you would like to make a double-strand cut for knockout, knockin, or a larger genomic deletion. We will design and subclone sgRNAs to modified PX330/PX335 and sequence-verify them. We make 3~4 gRNAs per target site.

Cell-based functional test - $2055.26

The goal of this service is to identify the best-performing TALENs or sgRNAs for your gene-editing experiment via mismatch-based assays such as Surveyor or T7E1. We transfect your TALEN or CRISPR/Cas9 constucts into matching cell lines (human or mouse) and enrich transfected cells with drug selection to enhance the sensitivity of the assays.

In vitro RNA synthesis - $966.74

We can make RNAs for your zygote injection or RNA transfection. We have TALEN and Cas9 plasmids with either a T7 or T3 promoter subcloned in for efficient in vitro synthesis. The sgRNAs for CRISPR can be synthesized off T7-sgRNA PCR product. The quality of synthesized RNAs will be checked via bioanalyzer.

Custom TALENs - $6202.87/locus (2F+2R TALENs)

Tell us where you would like to make double-strand breaks in the genome. We design and make TALEN expression plasmids that you can use for either “knockout” (by non-homologous end joining mechanism) or “knock-in” (by homologous recombination mechanism with a donor vector/oligos) approaches to edit the genome. TALENs can be applied to cell lines and embryos of fly, worm, fish, and mammals.

ES cell targeting  (feeder-independent) - $5578.83

Investigator’s targeting construct will be electroporated by core personnel. We have two feeder-independent ES cell lines, E14 (129-derived) and JM8A3.N1 (C57BL/6-derived) you can choose from. After drug selection for about one week, up to 300 colonies will be picked. When they are about to be confluent, we will split them as duplicate, one master plate to freeze for future expansion of positive clones and one plate for genotyping to identify targeted ES cell clones. Your plates for genotyping will be ready for pick-up 2-3 weeks after the electroporation date.

ES cell targeting (feeder-dependent) -  $7652.63

We provide targeting in feeder-dependent ES cells such as PrxB6 (C57Bl/6-derived) or user-provided ES cell lines.

NOD ES cell targeting (feeder-dependent) -  $7693

We provide targeting on feeder-dependent ES cells if investigators provide ES cells.

Genomic DNA extraction -  $641.82

We can extract genomic DNA from ES cells on 96-well plate with minimal cost for your own Southern or PCR genotyping.

Expansion of targeted clones from core targeting (up to 5 clones) -  $1652.95

A maximum of 5 positive clones will be thawed from 96-well plates and expanded to 6-wells. We will freeze 5 vials (each about 1 million)/clone for future use and give you 1 vial-equivalent cells to validate your genotyping before injection. It takes about 10 days to expand and freeze down cells.

Expansion of ES cells from outside resources (per clone) - $1037.03

Investigators provide one vial of frozen ES cells with information about culture condition from original resource. We will revive, nurture, and refreeze ES cells (5 vials) when they are ready. In addition, we will give you 1~2 million cells for your genotyping verification.

Preparation for microinjection - $563.56

Make an arrangement with transgenic injection core for microinjection date and let us know a week ahead of time. We will revive cells from one of your frozen vials, culture them daily (2~3 days), prepare them for injection, and deliver cells to the injection core.

Chromosome counting - $857.41

Staining of metaphase chromosomes permits the visualization of gross chromosomal abnormalities such as gains and losses of whole chromosomes. ES cells should have at least higher than 50~60% euploidy to get an efficient germ-line transmission.

Custom services - To be determined with labor and reagent cost

Custom services, such as Cre/Flp recombination, are also available.

We are planning to implement the following new services, please contact us for details:

-Construction of targeting vector (recombineering)

-Screening of targeted ES cell clones

-Southern blots for genotype verification

-Custom cell lines for genome-wide screens

Please contact us to discuss your unique project!